IB Registration Forms 

*IB Online Registration Form

This is the first step in registering your student for IB. Please complete the information form so we can add you to our IB Management System. 

*Mandatory Registration Form - Information Release Waiver

In order to share assignments and exams internationally with the IBO for grading, an information release waiver must be signed and submitted when the student registers. 

*Mandatory Registration Form - IB Ethics Pledge

When students register they are required to agree to the HIllcrest High School Academic Honesty Policy, regardless of IB Program pathway, or grade level.  You can view the full IBO Academic Honesty policy lower on this page. 

This form is required to be turned in when a student registers for the IB Program, and may be requested again at Junior Orientation before they begin their junior year. 

Suggested Course Pathways for IB Diploma and Career Students

This is a copy of the same form the IB Coordinator uses when planning, tracking, and suggesting students' course requests and registration. 

2018-2019 HHS IB Disclosure Form

This form is mandatory for registration and enrollment into the IB program (Diploma, Career, or Course). It covers everything from classroom assignments and late work, to IB exam registration. Students and parents will receive a copy to sign at the annual Junior Orientation Meeting. This year the meeting is being held on April 9, at 5:00 pm at Hillcrest High School. 

2018/2019 General Information and Fee Schedule

This document contains the general information about the IB Courses and Programme standards available at Hillcrest. This includes registration information for 11th and 12th grade year, late fee information, and exam registration and payment information. 

IB Academic Honesty Policy

All IB Students, regardless of which grade level or program they are registered for, are expected to uphold a strict Academic Honesty policy. This includes no cheating, sharing of information, plagiarism, collusion, and more.

IB 2018-2019 Exam Fee Schedule

This is a reference form from the IBO regarding scale of fees for the 2018 year. However, some of these courses are not charged to students as part of the curriculum so it is important to reference your invoice when addressing costs and dues from Hillcrest High School. 

For specific reference to the cost of the exams, registration, and exam fees for Hillcrest students, please scroll to the end of the FAQ page, which you can access by clicking here.

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