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IB Diploma Program


The IB Diploma Program (DP) is designed to prepare students for college and university in the best way possible. It takes place over junior and senior year,  focusing on the student's transferable critical analysis and thinking skills. Combined with rigorous academic curriculum that creates in depth understanding and application of knowledge, IB classes focus on research and writing skills, critical and analytical thinking, and preparing students to be global-minded, independent, life-long learners who can succeed no matter what environment they choose after graduation. 

IB Career Program

The IB Career Program (CP) is designed to prepare students for internships, highly skilled career paths, employment, or university. Like the Diploma Program, the CP begins junior year and continues through senior year. With the same IB academic curriculum, the Career program maintains a highly rigorous set of coursework that can be combined with a plan to help further a student's interests in career skills, communication, networking opportunities, and they can graduate with certification in certain pathways. Though not mandatory, Hillcrest has an extensive Career and Technical Education (CTEC) program that the Career path partners well with, as well as concurrent enrollment, and self-made career pathways.  

IB Individual Courses


The Individual Course pathway at Hillcrest is  a popular option for students who want to challenge themselves, but keep their schedule open for graduation requirements, concurrent enrollment, or educational release time as well. The classes maintain the same skills and critical thinking focus, along with the rigorous academic curriculum. This pathway does not result in an Internationally recognized Diploma like the Diploma and Career Pathways, but students may enroll in as many IB curriculum classes as they like and sit the exams at the end of the year for college credit based on exam results. 

IB  and Dual Immersion

The IB Program partners well with the Dual Language Immersion (DLI) Program. Both programs exist to help bring about an international and more cultural awareness of the application and understanding of languages, and how that knowledge and opportunity can contribute to a better education, better employment, and a better world.  Hillcrest will start hosting the Spanish DLI Program in the Fall of 2018. 

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